“You’re Next” for an original genre film

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Blaise O'Dell

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I’m not going to go on for pages about how much I loved You’re Next and how great of a film it actually is (I’ll save that for the podcast). I will just say if you love genre films you will love You’re Next. Director Adam Wingard’s You’re Next entails a family reunion being invaded by masked assailants, similar to the plot of home invasion films like The Strangers or Them. Writer Simon Barrett takes a overdone home invasion theme and makes it fresh, and more importantly fun again, with clever writing. The trailer for You’re Next does this film no justice what so ever. Take a chance and go see You’re Next not only because its a great film, but because it is important to support an independent like this film.

I was able to catch You’re Next at San Diego Comic-con International this year. It’s important to note that I have been waiting for this film since hearing of its screening at Toronto After Dark in 2011, where it was purchased by Lionsgate and locked away until its imminent release this August. After two years of waiting for a film, you would expect that it couldn’t live up to the hype. Well it did; this film is as good as you hear.

What I’m really here for is to tell you why You’re Next is an important film to the state of not only the Horror genre, but Hollywood films in general. It all started when I overheard a fellow moviegoer complaining about the state of genre films, and it went a little bit like this, “All they do is remakes and sequels, I think they are running out of ideas.” From a general perspective of Hollywood films in theaters she seemed to bring up a valid point. It feels like over 50% of the movies in theaters any given weekend are sequels or remakes. By no means is this brought on by people running out of ideas though. In this day and age with cheaper means of production for cinema as well as a vast assortment of new and thriving distribution methods, original content is out there. Sadly, we are the only ones to blame for this Sequel/Remake trend in cinema. Every time you pay to see a sequel or remake you are letting studios know that, remakes and sequels sell well and ultimately make $$$. The Hollywood landscape is a business run by businessmen not artists and every single movie ticket you buy is essentially placing a vote to studios telling them what kinds of films you want to see. The most important time to “place your vote” is the friday that film comes out. The friday box office sets up a films estimated success in terms of longevity as well as income. Stop paying to go see sequels/remakes in theaters just because they are the only things out. If we support films that have original stories we can send a message to Hollywood about what we want as an audience. Which leads me back to You’re Next, this is an original genre film, with smart writing, and a kick-ass female protagonist.  If you are tired of remakes and sequels in genre films, take a stand with me and go see You’re Next on August 23rd.

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