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5 to 7: A Conversation with Victor Levin and Berenice Marlohe

We were luck to catch a screening of the film 5 to 7 from IFC Films and talk to the film’s director, Victor Levin, and lead actress, Berenice Marlohe. Be sure to check out the film in theaters now! Mild Spoilers

Usvsfilm: I love all the long takes and hearing the dialogue fill in the scenery throughout the film. Can you talk about some of the inspirations you had maybe in real life or movie-wise that created the whole environment in 5 to 7?

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How To Be Alone (2010) from Andrea Dorfman on Vimeo.

Trash talk this video all you want for being hipster, but deep down this video poetry means no harm. A love letter to not a special someone, but rather the idea of being by your lonesome. I found this video a while back and really thought it was something special. In a day and age where its almost impossible to not feel lonely (due to the pressures of social media). This video shows off how inspiring it is to be embrace the feeling of being alone.