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A God from the Machine:

Or, what happens when humans get self-conscious.


Humans are, weird; our egos are inflated and ignorant, and drive us to do stupid things in the act of stroking themselves. We’re the only beings that would deliberately create a sentient lifeform superior to ourselves in the arrogant effort to prove our preeminence over other humans. A famous psychologist once said that man is the only animal who will eat with an enemy but our complex stretches farther than that; man is the only animal that would intentionally create our own mortal enemies.

“Isn’t it strange, to create something that hates you?”

Image from The Movie Network

It is strange. As creatures, we’re curious to a fault, and regardless of the obvious God Complex we exercise off of, we commit a hubris that we know will inevitably lead to our downfall. Our sense for survival is so disconnected that we ignore risk for reward in the face of garnered knowledge. How very, human of us.
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Project of the Week – Anna

For this week’s project profile we have filmmakers Tom Connolly and Julian Buchan, who are currently working on their upcoming short film, “Anna.” Be sure to check out and support their Kickstarter campaign here.

Also check out our interview with Tom Connolly and Julian Buchan on this week’s “Meet the Filmmaker” segment from the newest episode of the Us Vs Film Podcast where we review Results.

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#MurderProject – An Interactive Murder Mystery

It seems like nearly every idea has been done, but every once in awhile something fresh comes into light that everyone needs to check out.

That fresh and new idea is the 49 episodes of the interactive Youtube series known as #MurderProject. Directed by Alonso Mayo, #MurderProject is a series that’s much more than a movie, t.v. show, or web-series… it’s an event!

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Project of the Week: “Eventide”

For this week’s project profile we have filmmakers Tim Busovsky and Steph Burke who are looking to get support for their Indiegogo campaign for the short film “Eventide.” The short film is looking for support to be seen at film festivals throughout the country. Checkout the campaign here.

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Michael Harring’s “Lauren is Missing”

Our review coming soon!

Lauren is Missing

Directed by Michael Harring (Website, Vimeo, Twitter)

Written by Kirsten Marie Barber

Starring: Maya Lawson, Erin Jorgensen, Roger Hamel, Tyler Bromley, and Kirsten Marie Barber

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