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Episode 68 Her Ft. Jourdan Villalon

This Week Blaise and James are joined by Jourdan Villalon to review Spike Jonze’s “Her”. James’ get’s a chance to talk to Marjorie Conrad of America’s Next Top Model about her new film Chemical Cut. We also take a look at Hulu’s original programming for 2014, the new Netflix original Sense8, and Martin Scorsese’s open letter to his daughter.


Her: There is room for humanity in the future’s technology

Is Spike Jonze just my favorite director now?

Spike Jonze’s Her takes place in the not-so-distant future of Los Angeles, and is envisioned in a style of ‘what if cell phone companies designed the world’? Everything from the colors to the faux-authentic wood and technologies screams Apple and HTC.

But Her is not interested in showing you some consumer driven wasteland. The future envisioned is almost a utopia of technology bringing people closer together. The film’s aesthetics are light and beautiful and the future tech only helps to emphasize the themes.

Sometimes I fantasize about being a film teacher at a high school, or a professor for the 101 classes, teaching the basics and helping the students to go from film literacy to analysis. Her is one such film that aids my fantasies. As a whole it is extremely cohesive and meticulously put together. There are no glaring leaps and no confusing additions. Her flows smoothly with its constant and intense close ups, use of colors and evocative music.


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Music Video Monday: Spike Jonze Edition


To celebrate the release of Her in select theaters this week, we’re going to look back on some of the lesser-known music videos from director Spike Jonze on this very special edition of Music Video Monday. This is gonna be fun.

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