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Web Series – “Bumbloods”

Like zombies? Okay, let’s be serious, who doesn’t love zombies? We can’t get enough of them and definitely recommend you to checkout the awesome web-series, “Bumbloods.”


Bumbloods is a four part miniseries about two unlikely roommates trying to survive during a zombie apocalypse. When a new, synthetic drug hits the streets, 90% of the human population is suddenly transformed into flesh eating zombies. Dr. Jeremy “JERMS” Madison and his roommate Mario “KREPE” Krepeli find themselves in the middle of a zombie infested world and this “odd couple” must learn to cohabitate despite their differences and the ever growing horde of undead around them.

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Short Film: Shad Clark’s “All I Think Of Is You”

 All I Think Of Is You:

A woman is approached by a stranger possessing the memories and emotions of her dead husband, a scientist whose mind was uploaded into a computer.

The characters in this science fiction thriller inhabit a world where it’s possible for thoughts to be encoded, downloaded, copied, and deleted. A world where it’s no longer clear whether people are driving technology or technology is driving people.

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Short Film: Christopher Jason Bell’s “Bridges”


Babysitter Elizabeth wishes she was the infant’s mother. When a potentially dangerous situation arises, she leaves the apartment with young Julian until things settle – but as they get further away, Elizabeth thinks he might be better off with her.

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Project of the Week (July 15th): Red 14 Film’s “Four Literary Short Films”

For this weeks project profile, we have four literary short films based on four contemporary novels and short story collections that are trying to get made by Red 14 Films.

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