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A God from the Machine:

Or, what happens when humans get self-conscious.


Humans are, weird; our egos are inflated and ignorant, and drive us to do stupid things in the act of stroking themselves. We’re the only beings that would deliberately create a sentient lifeform superior to ourselves in the arrogant effort to prove our preeminence over other humans. A famous psychologist once said that man is the only animal who will eat with an enemy but our complex stretches farther than that; man is the only animal that would intentionally create our own mortal enemies.

“Isn’t it strange, to create something that hates you?”

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It is strange. As creatures, we’re curious to a fault, and regardless of the obvious God Complex we exercise off of, we commit a hubris that we know will inevitably lead to our downfall. Our sense for survival is so disconnected that we ignore risk for reward in the face of garnered knowledge. How very, human of us.
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Short Film: Shad Clark’s “All I Think Of Is You”

 All I Think Of Is You:

A woman is approached by a stranger possessing the memories and emotions of her dead husband, a scientist whose mind was uploaded into a computer.

The characters in this science fiction thriller inhabit a world where it’s possible for thoughts to be encoded, downloaded, copied, and deleted. A world where it’s no longer clear whether people are driving technology or technology is driving people.

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Episode 32 Upstream Color

Us vs. Upstream Color


Us vs Film Podcast review of the films Upstream Color and Y Tu Mama Tambien for our Gay May Cinema Series. Also talk about The Company You Keep, Gears of War, The Sidewalks of New York, Chappie (Neil Blomkamp’s next film), DVD releases of the week and other film news!

For our filmmakers segment we interview Ryan Wichert and talk about his work on the comedy web series, Points of You. Get updates from the official website and subscribe to their youtube channel below…


Episode 30 Oblivion

Us vs. Oblivion

Us vs Film Podcast review of the films, Oblivion and Curse of the Jade Scorpion for our Woody Allen April Cinema Series. Also talk about I Am Not A Hipster, An Education, the DC Universe, Jurassic Park, The Comedy, DVD releases of the week and other film news!

For our filmmakers segment, we interview Ryan Hendrick and talk about his work on the feature film, The Wedding Killers. Get updates from their twitter website below…