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“You’re Next” for an original genre film

I’m not going to go on for pages about how much I loved You’re Next and how great of a film it actually is (I’ll save that for the podcast). I will just say if you love genre films you will love You’re Next. Director Adam Wingard’s You’re Next entails a family reunion being invaded by masked assailants, similar to the plot of home invasion films like The Strangers or Them. Writer Simon Barrett takes a overdone home invasion theme and makes it fresh, and more importantly fun again, with clever writing. The trailer for You’re Next does this film no justice what so ever. Take a chance and go see You’re Next not only because its a great film, but because it is important to support an independent like this film.

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Bonus Episode You’re Next Q&A

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Us vs Film Podcast bonus episode where one of our members was lucky to catch You’re Next (Lionsgate Films) at the San Francisco International Film Festival. We recorded the Q&A with the cast and crew (Adam Wingard, Simon Barrett, Sharni Vinson, and Barbara Crampton) after the screening for you to listen to yourselves. All spoilers have been edited. Be sure to catch it in theaters August 23rd, 2013.