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Cheatin’ – A Conversation with Bill Plympton

We were lucky to catch a screener of the animated film, Cheatin’  and also talk to the film’s director, Bill Plympton. Be sure to catch the film in select theaters and on Vimeo!

Usvsfilm: Your hard work really shows in Cheatin’. It’s very unique and it’s like a one of a kind story. I’m sure the script is structured differently from other films, so what was your process of getting it ready like and set for production?

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Project of the Week – Hungry for Love

For this week’s project profile we have filmmakers Justin Ambrosino and Soojin Chung, who are currently working on their upcoming film, Hungry for Love. Be sure to check out and support their Kickstarter campaign here.

Also check back tomorrow to hear our interview with Justin Ambrosino and Soojin Chung on the “Meet the Filmmaker” segment of the Us vs Film Podcast Episode 112 – Listen Up Philip.

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