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5 to 7: A Conversation with Victor Levin and Berenice Marlohe

We were luck to catch a screening of the film 5 to 7 from IFC Films and talk to the film’s director, Victor Levin, and lead actress, Berenice Marlohe. Be sure to check out the film in theaters now! Mild Spoilers

Usvsfilm: I love all the long takes and hearing the dialogue fill in the scenery throughout the film. Can you talk about some of the inspirations you had maybe in real life or movie-wise that created the whole environment in 5 to 7?

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Episode 75 Alan Partridge Alpha Papa

This Week Blaise and James review “Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa”. We also take a look at the trailer for Richard Ayoade’s “The Double” and take a look back at our Wong Kar Wai director’s cinema series that was comprised of Chungking Express, Fallen Angels, In The Mood For Love and Days of being wild. James gets a chance to talk to Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers about their first feature film “Fort Tilden” which will premiere at SXSW 2014.

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James Rios’ 10 Worst films of 2013

I had the pleasure of seeing so many great films in 2013. It was really hard making a top 10 list for my best films of the year (check out that list here). Luckily it was very easy writing a top 10 for the WORST MOVIES OF 2013! Let us begin…

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Blaise O’Dell’s Top Ten films of 2013

There are many years where the same ten to twenty films circumnavigate every critics top ten list, I am happy to say this is not one of those years. When it came to arranging my list I looked at films that made a huge impact on me after that initial viewing, many of which I later happily returned to throughout the year like comfort food to scratch my cinema itch.

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Becca Noble’s Top Ten films of 2013


10. Blue Jasmine – It’s pretty common knowledge that Woody Allen is a sleazy old man who married his stepdaughter, so it pains me whenever I like one of his movies. Blue Jasmine is a truly heartbreaking story of the emotionally crippling effects of financial loss. Cate Blanchett delivers her best performance ever as a waspy mental case who you can’t help but empathize with.




9. The Conjuring – This movie is so scary that, as I sit alone in my room in the dark, I don’t want to write about it. The Conjuring is a truly original horror movie that still manages to pay homage to the classics. With endless carefully crafted scares and a super spooky doll that I continue to be fucked up by, this is one you don’t want to miss (unless you’re a wuss.) Continue reading