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Project of the Week – Baja Come Down

For this week’s project profile we have filmmaker Matthew Anderson, who is currently working on his upcoming film, Baja Come Down. Be sure to check out and support his Kickstarter campaign here.

Also check out our interview with Matthew Anderson on this week’s “Meet the Filmmaker” segment from the Us Vs Film Podcast where we review Unexpected.

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Short Film: “The Death of an Insect”

The Death of an Insect

In a lifeless urban landscape where time itself has stopped its crawl, a mad ballet is commencing and a newly hatched butterfly is about to die.

This tragic story was constructed using dead insects gathered from forgotten attics and tool sheds, between window panels and cobwebs. It combines a number of animation techniques from classic stop-motion animation to animated 3D models of x-ray CT-scanned insects.

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Episode 46 Elysium

This Week we review “Elysium” directed by Neill Blomkamp and we continue our Controversial cinema series with Lars Von Trier’s “Antichrist”. We also talk to Kentucker Audley about nobudge.com (you can also find that interview here).


A Conversation with Kentucker Audley

We were lucky to have a conversation with No Budge creator and filmmaker Kentucker Audley (Director of Open Five and starring in upcoming film The Sacrament) and talk about the launch of his new website, NoBudge.com


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Studio Distribution: Every Filmmaker’s Dream… Right?

Remember that kid in your 3rd grade art class that would make suggestions on how to make your drawing better? Or maybe in film school he fucked around with your short film and pieced it together to fit his vision. Yeah, well that person grew up to be the chairman of the studio that has bought the rights to your first feature film… and he’s about to butcher it to sell more tickets.

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