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Cheatin’ – A Conversation with Bill Plympton

We were lucky to catch a screener of the animated film, Cheatin’  and also talk to the film’s director, Bill Plympton. Be sure to catch the film in select theaters and on Vimeo!

Usvsfilm: Your hard work really shows in Cheatin’. It’s very unique and it’s like a one of a kind story. I’m sure the script is structured differently from other films, so what was your process of getting it ready like and set for production?

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5 to 7: A Conversation with Victor Levin and Berenice Marlohe

We were luck to catch a screening of the film 5 to 7 from IFC Films and talk to the film’s director, Victor Levin, and lead actress, Berenice Marlohe. Be sure to check out the film in theaters now! Mild Spoilers

Usvsfilm: I love all the long takes and hearing the dialogue fill in the scenery throughout the film. Can you talk about some of the inspirations you had maybe in real life or movie-wise that created the whole environment in 5 to 7?

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Episode 84 Joe

This Week Blaise and James review “Joe”. We also take a look at the trailers for “Maps to the stars” and “What we do in the Shadows”, discuss Star wars casting and wrap up our thoughts on our Mumblecore Cinema series. James gets a chance to talk to Stephen and David about their feature documentary film Tilt Shift.
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The Beauty

Instead of telling you how beautiful you are I’m going to just let the clip speak for itself. Truth begins with you. If you’re going to be the greatest filmmaker that ever lived the next Ford, Kurosawa or Welles. You’re going to have to not only believe it, but be ready to step outside your element when it comes to watching films. Watch things you would never watch naturally. If it wasn’t for Netflix I would have never known this beautiful film (Angel-A) existed. When it comes to films that made a huge impact on me its usually films that I stumbled on (or maybe they found me).

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