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Walter: A Conversation w/ Andrew J. West and Anna Mastro

We were lucky to catch the film, Walter, and talk to director Anna Mastro and lead Andrew J. West. Be sure to check out the film in theaters now and on VOD.

Usvsfilm: What was it like adapting a short film to a feature length? Were there any obvious things that you wanted to change, or things that you wanted to add on from the short film?

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Short Term 12: A Conversation with Destin Cretton

Usvsfilm: This film felt so natural and spontaneous watching it. I really felt intrusive on Grace and Mason and other characters of the film, but as a writer and director do you stick mainly to the script entirely or was there room for improvisation?

Destin: I encouraged the idea of looseness and creating room for spontaneous reactions to things. I’m not interested in anybody saying exactly what I’ve written. I’m always hoping that its always going to be better than what I wrote. At the same time this isn’t an improvised movie. Everything is quite structured and pretty true to the script that was written.

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A Conversation with Kentucker Audley

We were lucky to have a conversation with No Budge creator and filmmaker Kentucker Audley (Director of Open Five and starring in upcoming film The Sacrament) and talk about the launch of his new website, NoBudge.com


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