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Episode 33 A Royal Affair

Us vs. A Royal Affair

Us vs Film Podcast review of the films, A Royal Affair and Transamerica for our Gay May Cinema Series. Also talk about Ray Harryhausen’s legacy, Sci-Fi Boys, Hemlock Grove, Iron Man 3, Autoerotic, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, The World’s End, DVD releases of the week and other film news!

For our filmmakers segment, we interview James Neff and Joseph Dean Martinez from Night Walker Cinema and talk about their work on the their upcoming feature film, The Dinner Guest. Get updates from their official website and Twitter. Also be sure to donate to their Indiegogo campaign…


Episode 5 Klovn

us vs. klown


Us vs. Film Podcast review of the Danish film Klown: The Movie, based on the show, Klovn. Also talk about Spawn: The Animated Series, Paranormal Activity 4, Iron Man 3, Black Snake Moan, Spring Breakers, The Booth at the End, The Amazing Spider-Man, DVD releases of the week and other film news!