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Thursdays Abroad: ‘Cache,’ France

I’m sure the loyal readers of Thursdays Abroad are really confounded that I’ve yet to review a French film. As the European hub for cinema, you’d think this list would primarily be made of French Films. Well, today is your day, francophiles! Despite my bad experience in Paris, I still respect the French’s ability to make some damn good movies.

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Thursdays Abroad: ‘Die Welle,’ Germany

For this week of Thursdays Abroad, I’m going to talk about an adaptation to a book you probably read in middle school. Dennis Gansel bases his German film Die Welle on the book “The Wave,” by Todd Strasser. You may remember it from sixth grade. It teaches you about how blind following is bad. Really bad. Actually, it’s downright fucked up.

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Thursdays Abroad: ‘The Act of Killing,’ DK/NO/UK

Amongst the recent hype over documentaries, I can’t help but hail to 2012’s The Act of Killing. From Denmark / Norway / Britain, and filmed in Indonesia (how much more complicated can this get? Very…) the film is a product of co-directors Joshua Oppenheimer and Christine Cynn, (as well as an anonymous Indonesian) it is not one to be missed. It’s pretty, creepy, and terrifying. While the documentary missed the doc craze that Blackfish encounteredwhen it was released seven months later, it nonetheless garnered attention.

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Thursdays Abroad: ‘Princesas,’ Spain

Thursdays Abroad

What is this, you ask?

Well, this is a weekly article where I talk about foreign films, my relationship to them, and try and get you to watch them. I can’t promise you’ll like them, but I did, and at the very least, you and I can talk about something over dinner (anyone else single and in LA? No? Alright).

Most of these are films I’ve seen over the years, recent or antiquated, and, as I’m a Spanish speaker, a good portion of them will be in Spanish. Which could be good for you, as I’ve sorted through a good portion of crap to find some of these gems.

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