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The Beauty

Instead of telling you how beautiful you are I’m going to just let the clip speak for itself. Truth begins with you. If you’re going to be the greatest filmmaker that ever lived the next Ford, Kurosawa or Welles. You’re going to have to not only believe it, but be ready to step outside your element when it comes to watching films. Watch things you would never watch naturally. If it wasn’t for Netflix I would have never known this beautiful film (Angel-A) existed. When it comes to films that made a huge impact on me its usually films that I stumbled on (or maybe they found me).

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11/21/13 – “Today: A Decade Ago”

It appears that only Us vs. Film cares about the films released today, but a decade ago. Well you must too if you’re reading this, so thanks for joining me as we relive our past and check out what movies we forgot about that are now officially a decade old.

10 years ago today on November 21st 2003, the following films were released: The Cat in the Hat, 21 Grams, Gothika.

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10/3/13 – Today: A Decade Ago

Remember what movie you saw in theaters today… 10 years ago? Well in case you forgot, continue reading on so that we can kick-start your memory.

10 years ago today on October 3rd 2003, the following films were released: The School of Rock, Out of Time, and The Station Agent.

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