Project of the Week – Wild Men

For this week’s project profile we have filmmaker Bobby Sansivero, who is currently working on his upcoming film, Wild Men. Be sure to check out and support his Kickstarter campaign here.

Also check out episode 103 of the Us vs Film Podcast, featuring an interview with Wild Men director, Bobby Sansivero, on our “Meet the Filmmaker” segment. Listen here.


Dick Heffelfinger and his team of Bigfoot “experts” have just wrapped on season 1 of their surprise hit reality-tv show that takes them all over the country searching for the elusive, wild man. Not being content with high ratings, an obsessed Dick decides to lead the cast and crew on a 2 month long expedition into the largest national state park in the United States and refuses to return without proof. The overworked crew attempts to sabotage the legitimacy of the show by staging fake evidence and making the cast look downright incompetent…and silly. However, neither the cast nor crew are prepared for how to handle actually disturbing the hunting ground of a wild beast. This is a comedy.

Pitch Video:

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