Music Video Monday: Boy, London Grammar, and Snakadaktal

music video monday two

I have to admit, this is a strange set of music videos on this week’s edition of Music Video Monday. Here we go.

So what do you get when you mix Maya Deren with Euro-pop? Probably this next music video from the awesome German/Swedish pop duo simply known as Boy (aka one of the most difficult bands to find on any search engine). Director Rafael Palacio Illingworth was supposedly inspired by the surreal photographs of Lola and Manuel Alvarez Bravo for the video’s visual style. I can see that manifesting itself throughout this piece, but there are also a few homages to the black and white experimental short films of Maya Deren whose work inspired filmmakers like David Lynch.

Overall, I think it’s a pretty avant-garde choice to juxtapose surreal black and white imagery with Boy’s upbeat pop song about unrequited love, especially when the imagery occasionally expresses the song lyrics in a very literal fashion.


Finally some color! This one-shot single take music video from London Grammar reminds me of the photographs of Gregory Crewdson. What I like about his photos is that they convey gloom and isolation at a very cinematic level with an abundant use of artificial lighting. While this video may or may not be inspired by Crewdson’s work, it’s a visual style that compliments the song’s themes of longing and fulfillment thanks to director Andre Chocron.

*On a sidenote, there’s a fantastic documentary on Crewdson called “Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters” that you can check out on Netflix.


Now this is a very interesting piece from the Australian dream pop band Snakadaktal. Shot and directed by Dimitri Basil, this retro-looking music video has random scenes that loop at a certain interval along with characters gyrating and repeatedly getting hit to the beat of the song. To me, this video is like a hypnotizing spinning spiral in which each swirl is represented by a looped scene. The combination of retro colors, looped clips, and soothing music creates a hypnotic effect that puts you under Snakadaktal’s spell.


So that’s it for this edition of Music Video Monday. Tune in next week because it’s definitely gonna be a very special one. I promise.

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