In Your Eyes Review

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Delaney Moghanian

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If you keep up with the internet, I’m sure you’ll have come across the release of In Your Eyes, the latest film by the beloved Joss Whedon, which hit the web on April 20, 2014. It was available to view on Vimeo for just five dollars.

            Directed by Brin Hill, the feature length film follows the journey of a man and woman who have been connected telepathically since childhood. The duo is occasionally able to view the life of their counterpart through each other’s eyes—don’t you just love it when the title makes sense?

The film opens with a crosscutting of sledding and classroom sequences. Beautiful, nostalgic, and the first glance of what the film will continue to explore, it draws viewers in, but also gives them just enough information to be able to follow the premise of the film. Which truth be told, isn’t that much. The film isn’t about complex plots or surprises. It’s about people, human connections, love, and—it wouldn’t be Whedon without it—telepathy.

            While the plot itself is predictable from the start, the stars, Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David, their good looks, and (albeit vocal) chemistry, pique just enough interest in the plot to keep you watching. While the ending of the film does not surprise us, it does gratify us.

            While I wouldn’t say the film is Whedon’s best, it is intimate, charming, and at the very least, entertaining. Head over to here to check it out for yourself. Unless you’ve been watching everything I have via telepathic powers. In which case, I’m not getting anything on this end….

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