Episode 199 Arrival

This Week Blaise and James review “Arrival”. We also talk about Bill Cosby and the impending Trump Apocalypse.

What we’ve been watching:

James: Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer
Blaise:Fleabag, Handmaiden

Thing’s we’re digging:

James: Trainspotting 2 not T2
Blaise: Free CNN and End of the World Podcast

Latest Launches:
DVD: Finding Dory, Army of One, Sausage Party
Blu-Ray: Fort Tilden, Pretty Poison, Houdini, Breathless, Dreams
Netflix: Sing Street, Heavyweights, Judge Dread
VOD: The Arbalest, Life on the Line, Officer Downe, The Similars

— — #1. Bill Cosby Expects To “Resume” TV & Stand-Up Career Once Rape & Defamation Lawsuits Are Over

— — #2. Filmmaker Michael Moore Gets Turned Away From NYC’s Trump Tower On Day 4 Of Nationwide Protests

— — #3. Beware the slenderman trailer

Arrival Review:


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