Episode 195 Snowden

This Week Blaise and James review “Snowden”. We also talk about Paramount troubles and check out the trailer for Nocturnal Animals. James gets a chance to talk to Catherine Black about her film, Girl Trip.

What we’ve been watching:
James: Easy
Blaise: Poultrygeist

Thing’s we’re digging:
James: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Graphic Novel
Blaise: IDubbzTV Content Cop

Latest Launches: 21:42
DVD: The Wailing, Swiss Army Man, Kingsglaive, Joshy
Blu-Ray: The Mind’s Eye, October Sky, The Gremlins Collection,
Netflix: Portlandia season 6, Easy, Iliza Schlesinger Confirmed Kills
VOD: Into the Forest, 37, The Greasy Strangler

News: 23:26
— — #1. Paramount pushes rings release date, pushes Friday the 13th release date
— — #2. California has enacted a law which allows actors to remove their ages and birth dates from IMDb
— — #3. Nocturnal Animal

Meet the Filmmaker: 37:17
Catherine Black and her film Girl Trip on kickstarter http://kck.st/2cRsjw3
@Dubhcat on Twitter

Snowden Review: 52:41


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