Episode 183 Swiss Army Man

This Week Blaise and James get together to review “Swiss Army Man”. We also chat about Pablo Escobar’s brother, Michael Cimino and Abbas Kirostami. James gets a chance to talk to Ramon Torres and Nadia Zoe about their film Mariachi Madness.

What we’ve been watching:
James: Deathnote
Blaise: The Night Of

Thing’s we’re digging:
James: Xbox Summer Sale
Blaise: Rise of the Tomb Raider

Latest Launches: 12:27
DVD: Green Room, Everybody Wants Some, Miracles from Heaven
Blu-Ray: Road Games, Carnival of Souls, Invisible Invaders
Netflix: The Big Short, The Lovely Bones, In the Valley of Elah
VOD: The Dark Horse, Zero Days, The Dog Lover

News: 14:42
— — #1. ‘Narcos’: Pablo Escobar’s Brother Wants To Review Season 2 Before Release
— — #2. RIP Michael Cimino and Abbas Kirostami
— — #3. Imperium Trailer

Meet the Filmmaker: 23:12
Ramon Torres and Nadia Zoe with their film Mariachi Madness

Swiss Army Man Review: 34:18


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