Episode 179 Synchronicity

This Week Blaise and James get together to review Synchronicity. We also chat about Warcraft and anticipate the roast of Rob Lowe. James gets a chance to talk to Micah Van Hove about his film Shadow of a Gun.

What we’ve been watching:
James: Warcraft
Blaise: Make Happy- Bo Burnham

Thing’s we’re digging:
James: Not Digging Rotten Tomatoes
Blaise: Beautiful Anonymous Podcast

Latest Launches: 12:18
DVD: 10 Cloverfield Lane, Eddie the Eagle, Hello My Name is Doris
Blu-Ray: Inserts, Rollerball, Jeepers Creepers
Netflix: Rock the Kasbah, They Look Like People, Synchronicity
VOD: 45 Years, The Clan, Songs My Brother Taught Me

News: 14:07

— — #1. Rob Lowe Roast Set At Comedy Central
— — #2. ‘Warcraft’ Sets China Record For Biggest Thursday Ever; Crushes $90M+ In 2 Days
— — #3. The Fundamentals of Caring Trailer

Meet the Filmmaker- Micah Van Hove: 25:09
Talking to Micah Van Hove about his film Shadow of a Gun on Kickstarter.

Synchronicity Review: 37:47


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