Episode 174 The Invitation

This Week Blaise and James get together to review “The Invitation”. We also chat about new Alex Ross Perry and Guillermo Del Totoro film’s and watch a trailer for “The Shallows”. James gets a chance to talk to Christopher Schaap about his film Prom King 2010.

What we’ve been watching:
James: Watership Down
Blaise: Fear the Walking Dead, Horace and Pete

Thing’s we’re digging or not:
James: Kogi
Blaise: Overwatch Beta

News: 29:21
#1. Alex Ross Perry’s ‘Golden Exits’ Cast Announced: Jason Schwartzman, Emily Browning & More Lead Indie Drama
#2.Guillermo Del Toro preparing Cold war era merman film with Richard jenkins attached
#3. “”The Shallows” Trailer

Latest Launches: 25:25
DVD: Synchronicity, Deadpool, The Boy
Blu-Ray: In a Lonely Place, Symptoms, the original Father of the Bride
Netflix: Hellion, Fantastic Four, The Replacements, Pleasantville
VOD: The Family Fang, Remember

Meet the Filmmaker: 39:42
Christopher Schaap and his film Prom King 2010 on Kickstarter

The Invitation Review: 57:08


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