Episode 170 Everybody Wants Some!!

This Week Blaise and James review Everybody Wants Some!! We also chat about Rogue One and the future of Deathnote. James gets a chance to talk to Zach Morrison about his film Who We Were Before.

What we’ve been watching:
James: Carrie
Blaise: Twilight Zone

Thing’s we’re digging or not:
James: Outcast
Blaise: Beerchelada, Quantum Break

Latest Launches:
DVD: The Forest, Justice League vs Teen Titans
Blu-Ray: Village of the Damned, Bride of the Re-Animator, Shadows in an Empty Room
Netflix: E.T., V for Vendetta, Inside Man, Bowfinger, The Holiday
VOD: Tumbledown, The Invitation, One More Time

Meet the Filmmaker:

Zach Morrison and his feature film “Who We Were Before”

Trailer Park:


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