Episode 166 Road Games

This Week Blaise and James discuss Road Games. We also chat about The Oscars and watch the trailer for “Louder Than Bombs”. James gets a chance to talk to Evan Kidd about his film Son of Clowns.

What we’ve been watching:
James: Lucifer
Blaise:The Man who Copied

Thing’s we’re digging or not:
James: Architects
Blaise: PVZ Garden Warfare 2

Latest Launches:
DVD: The Peanuts Movie, In the Heart of the Sea, Victor Frankenstein
Blu-Ray: Howard the Duck, The Vikings, The Best Little Whore House in Texas
Netflix: Heaven Knows What, Atonement, and a butt-load of DC animated films
VOD: Emelie, Camino, A Country Called Home, Road Games

Meet the Filmmaker:
Evan Kidd and his feature film Son of Clowns.

Trailer Park:


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