Episode 156 Tales of Halloween

This Week Blaise and James discuss Tales of Halloween. We also chat about Straight out of Compton and Collosal Lawsuits. James gets a chance to talk to Dan Samiljan about his short film, The Sub.

What we’ve been watching:
James: Dark Places
Blaise: Jurassic Park: Lost World

Thing we’re digging or not:
James: Depeche Mode & New Wave
Blaise: Not Digging Back to the Future Day

Latest Launches:
DVD: Digging for Fire, The Final Girls, The End of the Tour, Inside Out
Blu-Ray: Roar, Mannequin
Netflix: The Gunman, Harmontown, The Boxtrolls, The Human Centipede 3
VOD: Nasty Baby

Meet the Filmmaker:
Dan Samiljan and his film The Sub on Kickstarter
@dansamiljan on Twitter

Trailer Park:


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