Episode 151 Z for Zachariah

This Week Blaise and James discuss Z for Zachariah. We also chat about Apatow, Pete Holmes, Aronofsky and Hardcore . James gets a chance to talk to Eric Neal Allred and Tom Stuart about their film A Lack of Furniture.

What we’ve been watching:
James: Sleeping with other people
Blaise: Hbo Comedy half hour

Thing We’re digging or not:
James: Kill your Boyfriend- Grant Morrison
Blaise: go karting

Latest Launches:
DVD: Results, Pitch Perfect 2
Blu-Ray: The Sentinel, The Indian in the Cupboard, Rocky Horror, Moonrise Kingdom
Netflix: First Blood, Hard Ball, Dead Lands, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
VOD: Cooties, Hellions, Some Kind of Hate

Meet the Filmmaker:
Eric Neal Allred and Tom Stuart and their film A Lack of Furniture on Kickstarter.

Trailer Park:


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