Episode 144 Trainwreck ft. Jourdan Villalon

This Week Blaise and James are joined by Jourdan for a Trainwreck. We also chat about the Minecraft movie and The Digging for Fire trailer. James gets a chance to talk to Hunter Lee Hughes about his film “Guys Reading Poems” on Kickstarter.

Additional materials:

What we’ve been watching:
James: Battle Royale 2
Jourdan: Cowboy Bebop
Blaise: Space Dandy

Thing We’re digging or not:
Blaise- Juicing beets
James- Pandemic
Jourdan- The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Latest Launches
DVD: Comet, Home, Justice League: Gods and Monsters
Blu-Ray: Flash Gordon, Cherry 2000, Prime Cut
Netflix: Changeling, Serena, Penguins of Madagascar
VOD: About Emily, The Wolfpack

Meet the Filmmaker
Hunter Lee Hughes with his film “Guys Reading Poems” on Kickstarter

Trailer Park:


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