Episode 142 The Tribe

This Week Blaise and James stay with The The Tribe. We also chat about Netflix Indie acquisitions and Goosebumps. James gets a chance to talk to Jackie Perez about her film “Expecting” on Kickstarter.

Additional materials:

What we’ve been watching:
James: True Detective Season 1
Blaise: Chronic-con Episode 420 a new dope, Black Jesus

Thing your digging or not:
Blaise- Not Digging Gaslamp Quarter
James- Mad Max Fury Road Comic Books

Latest Launches:
DVD: It Follows, Ex-Machina, Clouds of Sils Maria
Blu-Ray: The Black Stallion, Life Stinks, The Howling 2
Netflix: Wild Canaries, Kung Fu Hustle, Grandma’s Boy
VOD: ’71, Juaja, The Wolfpack

Meet the Filmmaker:
Jackie Perez with her film “Expecting” on Kickstarter

Trailer Park:


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