Episode 136 Tomorrowland

This Week Blaise and James discuss Tomorrowland. We also chat about It, Snapchat and American Ultra. James gets a chance to talk to Freeman Lafleur about his film Phocumentary.

Additional materials:

What we’ve been watching:
James- Stage Fright
Blaise- Between

What we’ve been digging:
Blaise- Not Digging Hulu Plus
James- Mad Max Soundtrack

Latest Launches
DVD: Monsters: Dark Continent, Camp X-Ray, Focus, Jupiter Ascending
Blu-Ray: Say Anything, Wolfen, Scarecrows, Killer Cop
Netflix: Inglorious Basterds, The Boxtrolls, Girlhood, Bill Nye the Science Guy
VOD: The Human Centipede 3, Good Kill, Nightingale

Meet the filmmaker
Talking to Freeman Lafleur about his upcoming film Pho-cumentary on Kickstarter
@freemanlafleur on Twitter

Trailer Park:


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